If I told you, you were dying and that you could live for longer and feel better and all you had to do was spend 15 minutes a day exercising, would you do it?

If I said to you that you only had to spend 1% of your day exercising and that you would have more energy that you have now, would you make a commitment to do it?

If I pointed out to you that getting a belly when you get older (for a man) or getting bingo wings (for ladies) isn’t inevitable and you could be fitter and stronger in your seventies than you were in your twenties, would you listen?

Let’s get real here, no matter what age we are, we are all dying and we would all get a better quality of life with just 15 minutes a day of activity. I won’t apologise for telling it how it is as you need to realise the situation we are all in. We must exercise every day, we must eat less sugar and less low-fat food, we must eat more nutritionally packed food and we must take responsibility for our own health.

Shocking as it is, here is the truth. You are most likely to die of either cancer or heart disease and both of these can be prevented with a consistent health routine that includes exercise and healthy eating. This is why you must start exercising NOW.

If you need a simple exercise to get started then click here and if you are serious about your health then you need to visit this site.