I am a great believer in health is wealth and also in sharing something amazing if I know it can really help people. What I am about to share with you will transform your health and is very much worth sharing.

Welcome to the world of Energise for life.

Energise for life are an alkaline diet resource and shop and they sell products that are proven to help transform your health with an alkaline diet. The alkaline diet is something that we first heard of through Tony Robbins and it is something that I know first-hand works unbelievably well. It is based upon eating certain foods that help your body to stay in balance and prevent disease through acid accumulation.

Here is what Energise for life describes the alkaline diet as:

“The alkaline diet has its roots (no pun intended) in microbiology, plant-based nutrition, sports science and longevity studies. It is based on a diet abundant in nutritionally dense foods containing alkaline salts, green foods, whole grains, clean protein and omega oils.”

“We also focus on cutting out “acid foods”, which are the ones you already know are bad for you – cola, chips, chocolate, sweets, burgers, dairy, etc.. We advocate the consumption of clean alkaline water, efficient exercise and relaxation techniques. Together these all help to boost health, energy and wellbeing.”

It’s not a coincidence that since I started buying products from Energise for Life, over 10 years ago, my energy levels and vitality have skyrocketed and my health is outstanding. The products they provide are some of the best around and they look after you on your health journey. I only recommend people who are walking the walk and Energise for life have been utilising the alkaline diet since 2004 and really know their stuff.

Here are my go-to products that I have on repeat order:

PH Miracle Greens (Green Drink)
These are a nutritionally packed powder that you mix with water to give you a massive boost in health. I have been taking a green drink daily for around 10 years and I don’t get any mid-afternoon slumps in energy and have really good mental clarity. You can find out more about green drinks here.

Udo’s Choice
Our body relies on us giving it sufficient  Essential Fatty Acids omega 3, 6 and 9 and most of us are deficient in at least 1 of these EFA’s. I take Udos choice every day as it has the perfect ratio of 2:1:1 ratio of Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids.

Molecular Hydrogen tablets
These help to give me an energy as they reduce oxidative stress, give me an energy-yielding metabolism boost and help to significantly reduce tiredness and fatigue.

I strongly recommend that you visit Energise for Life and find out more about the Alkaline diet, it has the power to transform your health and give you a massive abundance of energy. It’s how you deserve to live your life.