Be Tougher

This is another quote that I loved and thought it was really worth sharing. It comes from Tim Ferris’s amazing book ‘Tools of Titans’ and from the chapter about Jocko Willink. Jocko is a former US Navy Seal and as Tim puts it “One of the scariest human beings imaginable”.

In this chapter, Jocko discusses how if you want to be tougher, be tougher. Don’t wait around, make a decision, be tougher and get it done. Now, this might seem easy coming from an ex-Navy Seal, what I loved about it was that it wasn’t just something that was applied to being in the forces and all machismo. No, for me it was more about cultivating the correct state of mind and pushing your boundaries.

If you want to lose weight, be tougher and don’t pick that cake up.

If you want to build your business, be tougher and pick that phone up and make that important phone call that you have been putting off.

If you want to get strong, be tougher and work out harder and do the one last rep that you normally would have given up on.

Toughness isn’t something to be afraid of and in fact, it is the very thing that will push you on to greater things and something that builds up as you do more of it. Very much like the weightlifter who gets stronger the more often and heavier they lift, you need to flex your toughness muscles.

It’s not a problem to admit you have a weakness, we all have them. It’s more that some people don’t let their weaknesses stop them. They think themselves tough. They have a tough mentality and that propels them forward.

Another great thing about this is you can apply this tough mentality to every part of your life. From your business/work to your health and fitness, everything can be taken forward and improved with a tough mentality.

I am going to be tougher today, how about you?

Written by Matt Peacock

Matt is an award-winning WordPress developer with over 11 years of web development experience. A WordPress devotee with a real passion for contributing and improving what he does on a daily basis, he builds websites that are the 'difference that makes the difference'.Matt is a former county champion golfer, NLP Practitioner, qualified life coach and has a degree in Psychology.