5 months into our Welsh adventure

Its been five months now since we upped our lives and WordPress agency from Northamptonshire to a small hamlet near Betws-y-Coed in Snowdonia, Wales. What a journey it has been so far!

The desire to live in North Wales has always been a dream of my wife Sophie and as a remote working agency, we can work from anywhere. Last year the pieces fell into place to make the move a possibility. From finding the right property to selling our house quickly, everything helped us to make this move a reality.

We now live and work overlooking the mountains of Snowdonia, 1000 feet up a hill from Betws-y-Coed. The views are amazing, the way of life is simple and rewarding and surprisingly the broadband is faster than back in Northamptonshire, figure that out. We love walking and this is the ideal place to go out adventure walking over the mountain ranges and hills of Snowdonia.

The view from the office

Not everything has been perfect and parts of life haven’t been so easy and parts have been very challenging. Like buying a 200 year old house that leaks and having the wettest winter on record. Like trying to get home in the middle of a storm and every road is blocked by fallen trees. Like having to remove cheeky sheep from our garden, its had its tricky times.

Cheeky sheep in the garden

Its been the best move we have ever made and we cant wait until the weather improves so we can get out mountain climbing, zip lining, scrambling, foraging, bouncing below and adventuring all over this amazing place. Of course we will be fitting in some outstanding WordPress development as well!

If you are thinking of making the move to Wales and are not sure about it, come and give it a go, if you are like us then you will love this beautiful and fascinating country.