We love Beaver Builder and alongside Gutenberg, it's one of our primary tools for creating outstanding WordPress websites for our clients.

We are one of the UK’s leading Beaver Builder specialist development agencies and we have used Beaver Builder for global banks and leading financial companies. It's not just a tool for smaller websites.

For those who don’t know what Beaver Builder is, it is a super flexible page builder WordPress plugin that allows content creators to create amazing and custom page layouts in minutes.


Beaver Builder Development

What makes Beaver Builder an ideal tool for building enterprise standard websites?

Beaver Builder options

1. Control

Users have full control over every piece of content on their site and can easily and visually add images, sliders, blocks of content etc, anywhere they want on a page. Add to this global modules and saved page templates and users can create better pages for their website in less time.

Beaver Builder editing

2. Users can visually see changes on the front end

This is the major advantage that Beaver Builder has over Gutenberg as you can visually see that page you have created before its published. This makes site and page creation a lot easier and content creators can save drafts or easily cancel changes if they have made a mistake. 

Other page builders can offer front end page editing, we just think that the Beaver Builder editing experience is more intuitive, easier to understand and less likely to cause issues on the site. This is especially true when paired with the next point.

Custom Beaver Builder modules

3. Extensibility

As Beaver Builder developers we can create custom Beaver Builder modules that are fully bespoke to the requirements from the site designs. This allows us to develop complex layouts without the need to compromise on code quality, accessibility or ease of use.

Some agencies install Beaver Builder and then just use the built-in modules to create layouts which might look like the designs but they are not easy to use and can be broken by the content creator. We take a different approach by disabling most, if not all, of the built-in Beaver Builder modules and then we create a suite of bespoke modules that are super easy to use and are virtually unbreakable by the content creator.

Whatever your page layout, we can create a custom Beaver Builder module for you.

Beaver Builder Code Quality

4. Code Quality

We strongly believe that the code that is used in Beaver Builder core is the best code quality of all of the leading page builders and there is no code bloat or unnecessary use of !important in the CSS to make it work.

This is especially true when custom modules are created as these will be coded to our high standards of code quality and will be fully optimised for speed and SEO.

Beaver Builder disabled

5. Users content are not locked into it like other page builders

This is something that you may not notice until you go to change the page builder that your site is using. Most page builders that use WordPress shortcodes as their base for displaying content will not function after the plugin is disabled, leaving you with the mess of tidying up content and trying to extract shortcodes from the page editor.

Beaver Builder does not rely on shortcodes so it keeps your content intact when the plugin is disabled so if you want to migrate over to Gutenberg in the future then its a lot easier prospect.

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The end result is that you or your clients business get a high performing, easy to manage and update website that gives them the control they need.

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