Protecting our future

How WP Agency is making a difference for the environment

Our environmental policy

We have a very clear and defined environmental statement which we commit to. At WP Agency we value our natural environment and will do all we can to nurture and protect it.

To reduce our use of single-use plastic to the bare minimum and to reject companies that continue to use excessive single-use plastic packaging

To reuse and recycle everything that we possibly can, from plastic and card to rainwater for the garden and compost for the garden

To not use any pesticides, weed killers or anything else that might pollute our local environment

To use only natural household cleaning products and shampoos and shower gels

To create environments for insects to flourish including bee-friendly plants

To care for all insects and animals from wasps and house spiders through to animals that are rapidly becoming extinct

To engage in tree planting schemes especially native species to our local area

To transition to more energy-efficient ways of powering our cars and homes, from electric cars to solar panels

To walk in nature every day to appreciate what we have

To significantly reduce our consumption of meat-based products and to only eat meat that is organic and free to roam and then only on rare occasions

To reject the consumption of foods that are having a devastating impact on our environment such as soya and to prioritize foods that are sustainable and healthy

To raise awareness as much as possible about living in harmony with nature and what every one of us can do to make a difference right now

Matt Peacock | WP Agency

"We do not own our natural environment, we simply live in partnership with it"

Matt Peacock | WP Agency