Beaver Builder: a review

Beaver Builder Review

Sometimes a product comes along and you use it and it’s so good that you need to tell more people about it. Beaver Builder is one of those things.

WordPress page builders have got a bad reputation and quite a lot of that criticism is justified (Visual Composer, I am talking to you). From forcing CSS !important tags to outputting excessive code, WordPress page builders don’t always get it right.

Beaver Builder is different and here are 3 main reasons why we now recommend Beaver Builder:

1. Ease of use
One of the major differences about Beaver Builder as is that all updates are done on-page with a live preview. You can literally see what your new page is going to look like before you publish it and Beaver Builder reacts beautifully when you start typing in content. There are other page builders that offer this but none of them does it as well as Beaver Builder. It makes it so simple to create pages of content that look the way you want them to. It was also one of only 3 plugins that Pippin recommended in his comprehensive review of WordPress page builders which is high praise indeed.

2. Extendibility
From a development point of view, Beaver Builder is simply brilliant. It already comes with some great modules you can use straight away like buttons, columns, accordions and galleries. You can then also add in as many new modules as you want using a custom plugin of which examples are included in the Beaver Builder documentation. For a site we have just used Beaver Builder on for a major enterprise level client, we have created over 40 new modules, all of which work perfectly with the live preview. Is our client happy with this ease of use and how it works with their designs, definitely?

3. Support
The support that Beaver Builder offer is simply awesome. They are super responsive and accommodating and do everything right to help you with any issues you might have. They will often provide snippets of code you can use straight away and you feel like you are really important to them, isn’t that how support should always be?

We highly recommend checking out the Beaver Builder demo where you can see for yourself how easy it is to use. For the value, that this plugin provides, it’s also priced at a great price point. It’s not a free plugin and that’s something you can tell. It’s had a lot of thought and time invested into making it something special for creating WordPress websites.

As a colleague of mine emailed me, “Beaver Builder is the future”, I believe he may well be right.