The Phantom of the Opera

When we were approached by The Really Useful Group to redevelop The Phantom of the Opera website we jumped at the chance to work on such a high-profile and prestigious client. Having previously completed some development work on the Cats The Musical website we were ideally positioned to work on this project.

The technical specifications of the development required a theme that could be re-used across the various Phantom worldwide locations whilst allowing for regional colour and styling changes. We accomplished this through creating design options within the WordPress theme customizer, allowing site admins to fully customise each production site.

The site also included a sticky header, full page videos, galleries with lightboxes and various additional post types for easy management of post data. All completed on time and on budget.

Launch Project

Phantom WordPress site video header

Full-Screen Background Video

We added a full-width background video of the show to the home page for maximum impact. This was a video hosted on Youtube which minimised the effects on server load.

Phantom WordPress site image grid

Gallery Grid with Lightbox

To showcase the amazing The Phantom of the Opera imagery, a gallery grid was created with a lightbox which allowed users to view the images at full scale.

Phantom WordPress site cast gallery

People post type & layout

With such amazing talent appearing in and behind the scenes of the production, a specific people post type and layout was created. This included a lightbox feature with profiles and other useful information.

Phantom WordPress site theme customisation

Theme Customisation

The ability to update the site styling was added to the theme so regional productions could control how their site looked. This included being able to update various imagery such as logos, and colours.