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Global Bank


85,000+ employees


WordPress theme development, custom plugin development

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Our client was a high performing global bank with strong outreach through sponsorship of prominent sporting brands.

For this project, we signed a non-disclosure agreement so we cannot disclose the name.

The Brief

We were tasked with developing an accessible and fully responsive WordPress website based upon the designs provided to us. This involved the migration of a separate corporate blog within the main site as well as dealing with security, multiple shareholders and best practice.

Due to the nature of the client, we had to ensure that only plugins approved for WordPress VIP were used on the site. The exception to this was the development of a custom WordPress plugin undertaken by ourselves to provide site admins with an easy to use way to edit custom on page components using a drag and drop functionality.

The Process

Our process started the same as all of our projects and we started the development with a strong specification brief provided to us as well as designs of all key pages and templates.

A brainstorming session was put together with the agency who was project managing the site development and solutions were created for the various complexities of the site.

From there, development was started locally using our starter theme scratch and then the site was migrated onto the different server environments to allow for dev, staging and live.

A full audit was also undertaken of the site for accessibility, SEO and security to protect the site through good coding practices against hacker threats.

Lastly, the site was made live and continues to be improved through agile project iterations.

The Results

The client shareholders were really happy with the final deliverable and the site received some very positive feedback from within its peer group. A report from an independent review committee also stated that the site compared very favourably with the bank's direct competitors and said the following:

"Our distinctive brand identity, modern mobile responsive design, good photography and high-quality content set us above our peers, as did having an engaging website with rich video and social"

As part of a continuous improvements package we continue to develop on the site including new features, layouts and optimisation.

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