How we communicate effectively from half way up a Welsh mountain


Living and working in the middle of nowhere has its benefits and also its challenges. From our office, 1000 feet up, overlooking the mountain ranges of Snowdonia, communicating with agency clients around the UK can be seen as somewhat challenging.

We are big on communicating efficiently and effectively with our clients and we live by having an outstanding standard of communication at all times.

Here is how we communicate effectively with all of our clients:

Good old fashioned phone
We have regular phone calls with all of our clients. Whether dialling into conference calls or just speaking one to one, we like to talk.

Want to speak using Skype, we can do that

Want to see our screen so you can see what we are working on, we can do that

Our preferred method of contact as its super easy to have conversations and keep track of what was said.

We still use email a lot as its a great way of keeping our clients updated with progress reports. We aim to respond to all emails within an hour.

Google Docs
All our clients get a dedicated Google docs folder for all documentation

Our preferred project management tool where our clients can see the progress of their project including the tasks that have been completed and the tasks still outstanding.

I am a trained NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner and promote this as a highly effective means of communication both internally and externally to clients. This means we listen to what you want to achieve and work in partnership with you to make it happen.

There you have it, our system for communicating effectively from half way up a mountain. It’s not hard, it just needs to be constantly worked on and improved.