What to do when you get a big name client who wants to use WordPress

WordPress Opportunity

Sometimes you get that big client in, you know the one that you always wanted, the one you have been pitching too for months, but the one that makes you scared with what needs doing.

They tell you they want you to build a WordPress site for them and you panic. ‘We haven’t built anything that big before’, ‘we don’t have the in-house skills to do this’, ‘how are we going to find the right developers to do this’ are the sort of questions you might ask yourselves.

So what do you do?

Firstly, breathe. This is an outstanding opportunity for your business and you can grasp it and make it amazing. We all know that sometimes all it takes is one big client to transform your portfolio and attract new clients to you. Now is the time to start to ask better questions so you get better answers.

So what are the best questions to ask? Here are four questions you can ask right now that will make a difference.

  1. How can we make this site the best site we have ever done?
  2. Who has the skills and experience we need for a project of this size?
  3. What resources will we need in-house to make this a success?
  4. Can we make more money through ongoing maintenance, high-powered hosting or second and third stages of development?

What do we do next?

This is when you call us and discuss what your client needs and what we can do to make this happen for you. We offer free WordPress consultations over the phone so you can run any ideas past us to see if they are possible. We will then give you our advice in an impartial manner, no sales bumph, just honest advice about what you must do next to get the best results.

During this initial conversation, you don’t have to tell us who it is and we will happily sign an NDA before the conversation if required. We just need to know what they want, when they want it for and if they have any special requirements that we need to know about.

We have worked with big multi-national banks, Andrew Lloyd Webber and famous sporting venues so we know what is required in an enterprise level WordPress site. We can help you with the potential pitfalls such as additional project management tasks, enterprise level hosting and pricing. Some of these things you might not have considered or budgeted for and this can be a real eye-opener for you.

So what are you going to do when you get that next big client in, give us a call and let’s get you the information you need to make it happen.