Where do you get your design inspiration?

If you are in the Graphics industry chances are you will appreciate all types of design from fashion, technology, architecture and interiors, however do you use the different mediums for inspiration? Or do you trawl the internet for different works and adopt various styles from the plethora of sites out there?  I love nothing more than to come across a completely original design, with a flash of eccentricity and genius, I love it when creatives dare to be different and pull it off.

Just looking at architecture in particular, in a snapshot we are seeing boxy, functional, modernistic, futuristic, floating, flat designs incorporating elements of optical illusions. There is nothing whimsical or romantic about the architectural movement in recent times, its bold, brash and unforgiving if not executed properly.

A couple of our designers look to the giants such as Apple for inspiration future trends, but whom does Apple look to for inspiration? I found an article, which talked about the launch of the I Phone 5, and how Apple liaised with De Zeen – the world’s most influential architectural magazine, check it out, its addictive and inspiring! One item that stood out was a design for a Skinny Sky Scraper in New York in the most fashionable area West 57th Street.  How about an interesting apartment block design The Jardins de la Lironde tower its crazy?  Also worth a look are the David Chipperfield Architects plans for a photography design museum in Marrakesh (above picture).

From a more local point of view, I was stopped dead in my tracks recently when I drove on to a development in Milton Keynes. Architects Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners teamed up with Taylor Wimpey to build a house for the future with cutting edge designs but with economy in mind and low building cost. The Oxley Park development:


If you want a look into the future of architecture check out http://www.zaha-hadid.com/ they will be responsible designing the venue for Tokyo 2020.

I will let you draw your own conclusions as to the influences shared between architecture and web design and whether or not there is a synergie with the styles and movements. Either way it is always exciting to witness innovation on any scale and feel excited and inspired by it, after all thats why we are in the industry, to be EXCITED!