Where we go for WordPress help

Sometimes we get stuck, sometimes we just want to keep informed about what is going on with WordPress.

The WordPress community is a helpful, friendly and open especially when you need help with something. Whether its a piece of code or business advice, finding something out for us normally means visiting one of the following sites:

WPTavern – We visit the tavern every day as its one of the best places to find out exactly what is happening in the WordPress world. There are always several new articles by Jeff and Sarah every weekday and they are informative and well written. First call every day for us.

Chris Lema – We started reading Chris’s blog about a year ago and now visit it on a daily basis. His straight forward approach and honesty make his articles easy to read and inspiring. Love the principle of ‘done done’ and we also like how Chris see’s things from a different perspective from the norm and isn’t afraid to tackle awkward topics.

Post Status – Only started reading Post Status about 6 months ago and wish I had found it earlier. Its opinionated (in a good way), informative and the author Brian is a massive WordPress enthusiast. The Post Status membership club also looks like its going to be a real asset to the WordPress community

WPBeginner – A source for so many little code snippets, this invaluable resource is a must when we are looking for ways to improve functionality of a site. There are also other resources like discount codes for great products, always useful.

WPMU – Our membership with WPMU goes back 3 years so we naturally gravitate to the forums when we need some guidance with one of their plugins or general functionality. We use a couple of their plugins in every install and would highly recommend membership.

CSS Tricks – Whilst not strictly a WordPress resource, it is the first port of call for any CSS related issues. Love the fact that Chris pushes the barriers every time the site is redesigned.

Stack Overflow – Good old Stack Overflow, we end up here so often after searching in Google as someone has nearly always been stuck with something we have. You have to have a bit of as filter on and you can search around looking for the correct implementation buts its a great resource