Our new website is live, here is how we built it

New WP Agency Site

A company website is a constantly evolving thing and we like to update our theme at least once every 18 months or so. This time our focus was more on who we have worked for alongside what we do. We have worked on some amazing projects over the last couple of years and beyond and although we are a white-label agency, we are able to show off a few of the projects we have been involved with.

Provenance of where we are

A stronger emphasis was put on the provenance of where are located as our clients seem to like telling people that their expert WordPress developers are located half way up a mountain in North Wales. We are very proud of where we are located and the view from the office window of Moel Siabod and Snowdon behind it is simply spectacular.

Focus on clients

Social proof is one of the strongest indicators of someone choosing to use your services and being able to proudly show that we have worked on enterprise standard sites is important.

Over the last 18 months, we have built WordPress sites for two international banks, a site for Andrew Lloyd Webber and the official site for The Phantom of the Opera. Each one of these sites has tested us and made us better at what we do and although we cannot mention who the banks were due to NDA’s , we have included a case study of how we built The Phantom of the Opera.

The turnover of the companies whose sites we built was over £55 billion in 2016 which is a pretty big number.

Full-screen video

We have utilised a full-screen video to highlight featured projects and its currently showing The Phantom of the Opera. We were super excited to work on the Phantom website and being able to publicise this in a full-screen video is extremely important to us. The full-screen video was built to show a YouTube video with a pre-loader image.

Use of questions to draw the user down the page

The site features a question system to challenge the reader to answer the questions as they read down the home page. Questions are one of the most important parts of our internal and external dialogue and the better the questions, the better the answers. We do everything that your company needs from expert communication to having the highest standards of work in our sector so telling you about it is imperative.

Optin Monster free ebook

The site features a popup which people have mixed feelings of. For us it was important to be able to give away free content and guides and track downloads, which is something we think every site must do.

Community focus

We wanted to publicise our involvement in the WordPress community so we have included details of WordCamps we have attended and also our status as WPEngine recommended WordPress consultants.

We hope you like the new site and the feedback we have had so far has been extremely positive.