Did you spend today chasing mice or hunting antelopes?

I picked this saying up when reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris and loved it straight away.

To explain it a bit better, a lion can easily spend all day catching mice but in the end, they will starve to death as there isn’t enough food for them to survive on. However, if they go ahead and catch an antelope, which is far harder work, they will eat well for days.

How this relates to your business…

You might find that you spend all day on the little, time-consuming tasks, or on a client that takes up loads of time but doesn’t pay well. You are chasing mice, my friend and you are starving your business to death.

Maybe you need to look up, view the wide savannah in front of you, and find an antelope that you can feed on. Yes, the effort will be more but the rewards far outway the effort and you will be helping your business to grow. For once I am firmly recommending getting a big meal in.

(no animals were hurt during the making of this blog post)