It’s a tiny thing, but it’s had the biggest impact on our success. Here it is.

I review my outcomes/goals every day. There, I said it.

For those that know me, that won’t be a surprise, as I am a real outcome focused person. For me, and others, the act of reaffirming in your mind, your goals, on a daily basis has been so powerful, it’s now something that we do automatically.

This is what I do…

I spend a minimum of 30 minutes every morning, revisiting my goals for the coming weeks, months and years and then creating a plan for today for what I need to achieve these goals.

Before you say “I don’t have 30 minutes every day”, you don’t need to spend that much time. 5 minutes is all you need and a piece of paper or journal. I use the Day One app on my MacBook as that’s a fantastic way of journalling and that works for me, for other people a small piece of paper will do.

Now write down or review your goals for the next year, 6 months, month and week. I don’t recommend setting goals longer than a year as I believe anything can be achieved within a year with the right amount of action. These goals should be a long way out of your comfort zone and might be things like:

  1. Make £xxxx in our business by this time next year
  2. Lose half a stone of body fat by June

Now think about what you need to do today to make those things happen and write those things down. I.e. Make sales calls, workout for at least 15 minutes. Then take action on those things every day, simple eh?

The magic in reviewing your goals every day comes from the law of focus in that what you focus on expands. By seeing every day what you are going to achieve, it helps to focus the mind and make it happen. If you are serious about achieving your personal or professional goals then I strongly recommend purchasing and listening to The Time of Your Life by Tony Robbins as that will give you everything you need to plan your day and makes things happen.

I am sure you are not one of those people who sets goals once a year that you ‘should’ do and then forgets about them.

How often do you check back in on your goals?