Weekly round-up of WordPress news – Vol 21

WordPress Weekly News

A nice mix this week of WordPress guides and e-commerce posts make up this weeks WordPress news.

Updates Are Crucial For WordPress Security: Here’s Why! – Cloudways
We tend to bang on about the importance of keeping WordPress up to date and do you want to know why? This article gives 5 great reasons why updating your WordPress site is not just important, they are crucial for helping with your site’s security. If you want to limit the chances of getting your site hacked then you better get it updated.

How To Prevent Common WordPress Theme Mistakes – Smashing Magazine
Do we make mistakes? All the time. Do we learn from these ‘mistakes’ and become better developers, absolutely. Here is a nice guide from Smashing Magazine about how to avoid common coding mistakes and how to be a better developer.

Creating A Custom Gutenberg Block In WordPress – Delicious Brains
There are more and more cracking Gutenberg articles coming out as people get more familiar with it and how it works. Here, Delicious Brains take us through how to create a custom block in Gutenberg and they also share their highs and lows of the journey.

Why Your eCommerce Store Needs AMPs ASAP – Torque
AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and it is Google’s project to rapidly improve the loading time of pages online. With more traffic now coming through the mobile web, AMP is even more important than ever. Torque cover in this article that is is super important now to include AMP on your WordPress e-commerce site.

13 Things Every eCommerce Product Page Needs for More Conversions – WPMU Dev
You want more conversions right? Do you think you are doing everything that your site needs to attrract people to use your site and buy from you? This article from WPMU covers 13 important factors that every e-commerce site needs and why you need to get them added to your site as soon as possible. The difference between converting and non-converting can come down to something as simple as button colour so make sure you do everything you can to get the maximum amount of conversions.

Why we never use the word ‘busy’ in our business – WP Agency
We are still not busy and we are doing more and more every day. Busy is for the un-organized and for the people who are not prioritizing very well. Don’t be busy, be efficient, effective and outstanding.