Weekly round-up of WordPress news – Vol 11

Weekly WordPress Roundup from WP Agency

Is the WordPress economy slowing down and some great guides make up this week’s round-up of WordPress news.

The future of the WordPress economy, and why I’m not worried – Post Status
There has been quite a bit of chatter recently about the WordPress economy and how it is changing. Here Joshua Strebel, the CEO of Pagely WordPress hosting, shares his view on what is happening and also why he is very confident for the future.

Keeping up With the WordPress Community When You’re Crazy Busy – WPMU Blog
Keeping up with the latest goings on in WordPress can seem like a big task and this is what this weekly post is for. If you want to know where to find the latest news then here is a great article about where to go and who to follow on Twitter.

The Newbie Developer’s Guide to WordPress PHP Coding Standards -Torque
Yep, we are promoting the WordPress coding standards again as its an essential part of what we do. If you want a brief introduction to the standards then this is a good place to start.

WordPress Plugins I Use (As Of 2017) – Tom McFarlin
Tom blogs daily on some fascinating topics in WordPress development and his list of currently used plugins is a great resource of some essential plugins. We will be compiling our own list this week so keep an eye of for that as well.

WooCommerce Drops 50% Renewal Discount on Subscriptions – WP Tavern
Some people are referring to this as a major opportunity whilst some think it’s a real clanger. Woocommerce has announced that all renewals of plugins will now be at full price rather than at the 50% off that they were previously. Controversial and we will see how this pans out.

Building Production-Ready CSS Grid Layouts Today – Smashing Magazine
CSS Grid is really going to shake up the world of front-end development and this post explains what it is and how you can use it right now on sites.