Weekly round-up of WordPress news – Vol 15

WordPress Agency News

Welcome to this weeks WordPress news. The first two posts are some of our favorites for quite a while so make sure you check those out.

Gutenberg on Humanmade.com – Human Made
Human Made implemented Gutenberg on their new website. Here they let us know about this experience, what went right and their views on the future.

How to Price Your WooCommerce Projects – Woocommerce
Chris Lema writes awesome blog posts and this one doesn’t disappoint. Here Chris explains his formula for calculating costs of a Woocommerce site and how you can get the information you need to make an accurate quote.

WordPress Usage Survey- How We Can Move Forward in 2018 – Torque
WordPress powers over 29% of the internet and this post is a short summary of the most recent WordPress usage summary. If you are still not sure about choosing WordPress then this will help you to decide.

12 Ways to Freshen Up Your WordPress Site for the New Year – WPMU Dev
There are often some quick wins that you can do on any WordPress site to improve its performance, whether it’s for SEO, security or user experience. Here are 12 ways you can refresh your WordPress site and make it perform a lot better.

Our Development Philosophy (1): Architecture, Design Patterns and Programming Principles – Tower
This post falls more into the development side of things and if a fascinating look at the challenges faced when building and growing an application. We use Git Tower a lot and it’s a great product, here is why.

WPEngine has a new site – WPEngine
This isn’t a blog post. WP Engine have a new site and we like it (contains affiliate link).

Looking for a venue for your next company getaway, come to Snowdonia – WP Agency
Its that time of year when people are planning their company getaways and retreats. We say, come to Snowdonia in North Wales, the adventure capital of Europe.