Weekly round-up of WordPress news – Vol 16

WordPress news

A big birthday and some more growth tactics for the start of 2018 make up this weeks round-up of WordPress news.

WordPress Turns 15 Years Old – WP Tavern
Yes, WordPress has just turned 15 years old and it now powers 29% of the internet. Pretty impressive stuff. Did you know where it all started?

How to Grow a WordPress Site: Run It Like a Business – WPMU Dev
Managing and growing your website can be one of your wisest investments. Do you know how to do that in the most effective manner? This great guide from WPMU will help you to understand the little wins that go a long way and also some more involved strategies to put in place to make your site grow.

Behind The Scenes Of Our Plugin Rebranding And Site Redesign – Delicious Brains
Delicious Brains have redesigned their site and this post explains what they have done and why they have done it. This is not only a new site design, it also encompasses a full rebrand and it’s really interesting to see what they have done.

How To Internationalize Your WordPress Website – Smashing Magazine
If you are a developer looking to internationalize your WordPress website or plugin then you might be a little confused as to where to start. I would start with this guide from Smashing Magzine as it covers everything you need to know to make it work at its best.

Starting 2018 – Tom Mcfarlin
I really enjoy these sort of posts and this time Tom is putting down his commitments for 2018 so he can accountable for making it happen. If you are planning your 2018 then this is a great blueprint of how to do it.

Daily cold showers: an experiment – WP Agency
9 months on from this blog post, I will be re-visiting cold showers again soon to give you my verdict.