Weekly round-up of WordPress news – Vol 8

WordPress roundup

WordPress has just turned 14, what an achievement as it now powers over 28% of the web. This week’s blog posts touch on what has helped WordPress to grow over the last 14 years.

14 Amazing WordPress milestones – Torque
This article gives a timeline of major things that have happened in WordPress over its life and shows just how far it has come.

WordPress.com and WordPress.org: What’s the Difference? – WPMU Dev Blog
It can be a bit confusing sometimes distinguishing between WordPress.com, WordPress.org and Automattic. This article helps you to understand the difference.

What’s in My Bag, 2017 edition – Matt Mullenweg
I am not sure why this is so popular as its only the contents of someone’s bag. However, I love it and I know a lot of other people do to as its always great to see what a serial road warrior like Matt carries around with them. Just the 40 items then…

A Deep Dive Into the GTmetrix Speed Test Tool – Kinsta
We use GT Metrix all the time to measure the speed of the sites that we are building. This article explains more about the service and how to better interpret its results.

The Most Important Elements of Providing Superb Customer Support – Manage WP
Every company wants to provide good customer service right? Find out some great tips in this article in Manage WP.

Three storytelling skills for business that you need – Chris Lema
If you don’t read Chris’s blog already then where have you been? His posts are a goldmine of information and he is back blogging every day after a 2-month hiatus. This post covers some essential skills that you can use in your business.