Weekly round up of WordPress news

Weekly WordPress Roundup from WP Agency

A lot happens in a week, here are a few things that caught our attention in the last week.

WordPress Performance Testing: Why, How & Which Tools to Use – WP Explorer
This is a great article about what tools to use to test your WordPress site for site speed. We have typically used GT Matrix for testing, we will be giving Pingdom Tools some more of our attention going forward

The End of 80/20 and the Future of WordPress – LinkedIn
We are big fans of the 80/20 rule and this article is a really interesting observation of explaining its relevance to the continued growth of WordPress. Well worth a read.

Yoast SEO’s PHP Upgrade Nag is Producing a Significant Increase in Sites Upgrading to PHP 7 – WP Tavern
A lot of hosts are offering PHP7 which is significantly faster for WordPress sites. The very popular Toast plugin now has a message in the WordPress admin asking users to upgrade to PHP7 if they can. This seems to have had a really positive effect on users upgrading to PHP 7.

Why startups should use WordPress – Torque
The first of 2 articles from Torque about WordPress and it uses, this one is for startups. There are some really relevant points here about why startups should use WordPress and its a good starting point for anyone considering using WordPress.

6 reasons why developers should choose WordPress for an enterprise site – Torque
The second article from Torque covers something close to our heart, WordPress as an enterprise level platform. We are finding more and bigger name sites such as Spotify, Sony and The New York Times are using WordPress as an enterprise standard solution and here are some valid reasons why it’s now a responsible choice.