Weekly round-up of WordPress news – Vol 3

WordPress roundup

Here is our latest weekly round-up of interesting stories from around WordPress. WordPress dropping support for old versions of Internet Explorer is by far our favourite.

WordPress drops support for IE8-10 – WordPress.org
Sometimes news comes along and you think it’s Christmas again. This is one of those news stories as WordPress is going to be dropping support for Internet Explorer versions 8 to 10 starting in the next major release of WordPress, which is version 4.8. Praise the lord!

10 Top Tools for Setting Up a Testing/Staging Environment for WordPress – WPMU Dev Blog
There are many ways to get a local version of WordPress set up for development. For anyone unfamiliar with this concept or who needs some fresh ideas then this is a comprehensive article about the different methods you can use. We have used Mamp Pro and Vagrant in the past and we currently use Chassis which isn’t covered in this article. We will do a post about this in the future.

Everything you need to know about hiring a WordPress developer – Torque
Finding good WordPress developers can be very tricky as we have blogged about before. Here is a different take on this subject with some great questions you can ask any possible developer to see if they know their stuff or not.

WordPress Plugin Directory Restores Tabbed Interface – WP Tavern
I suppose this was inevitable as there seemed to be quite a backlash against the new design of the plugins pages on wordpress.org. This WP Tavern blog post explains so of the back story of the redesign and why the tabbed layout has been restored.

Introducing a new way to find high-quality WordPress jobs – Post Status
A long time in the making but its finally here, the Post Status job board. If you are looking for a job in WordPress, here is a great place to start.