When would now be a good time?

When would now be a good time?

Without a doubt, this is one of my favourite and most powerful questions and it comes from Tony Robbins. Tony is a great believer in taking action straight away when setting a goal and this is a phrase he will often use to stimulate this.

If someone says to you “we should do this” or “it would be nice if we…” then your default response needs to be “When would now be a good time?”.

Cue raised eyebrows as the person you say it to works out what you are saying and what it means. You may even need to explain to them why you have said it as this is a disruption statement which helps people to break out of their current limited way of thinking. It’s a clever way of saying ‘why are we waiting, now is a great time to do this’.

Now when anyone says to me that something needs doing I automatically think ‘now’ and get it done straight away. No procrastinating, just action straight away towards making this thing happen.

For example, “I should work out”. When you apply “When would now be a good time” to this you get the answer of now, so you get yourself up and do some squats or press ups or call that personal trainer you have promising yourself to call.

“We should go to…” turns into a call to the travel agent or going online to do some research about getting this trip away booked. Do not put it off, do it quickly and do it now.

What I like most about this is that it is a reminder to always take action as this is the cornerstone of getting anything done. Remember the power is always in the now, the more ‘now’ time you take action in, the better your life will be.