If you could only work 2 hours a day on your business, what would you do?

We first came across a question similar to this when listening to The 4 Hour Work Week audiobook and it really hit a chord as to what you would do if you only had limited time and wanted maximum results. In fact, this question is on our morning question list, that we answer every morning, as we use it to fine tune the most important tasks of the day so they are done first.

In the 4 Hour Work Week, this question was used as a way to liberate your mind from 9 to 5 thinking so you can set yourself free and live life on your own terms. For us, it’s a way of ignoring the less important tasks and getting focused on what is most important and that will get the best possible results.

How it works

The key is answering the question with as free an imagination as possible and letting your mind come up with a variety of answers what you would do if you had very little time to work on your business. You might come up with things like delegating more work, outsourcing boring/complicated tasks, phoning that important sales lead, completing that important proposal. Once you have come up with your important task list then these must be the first things you do for that day as that way you are getting the maximum impact thing done early on and setting your day up for success.

So, what would you do?

P.s. I highly recommend reading The 4 Hour Work Week as it’s one of the rare books that I have gifted to several people.