7 reasons why you need a Mobile Ready Website…

A Mobile Ready Website is now a must…

The days of having a traditional website targeted only at desktop users have now firmly gone and these days you must have a version of your site optimised for mobile web devices. Whether its for smartphones such as the iPhone and Android based systems, or for the explosion in tablet devices such as the iPad, your site needs to be optimised for these mobile devices. You need to give your site visitors the optimal experience as web users now have all the choice, give them a bad user experience and they may not come back.

Below are the 7 reasons why you need a Mobile Ready Website…

1) By 2014 there will be more people using mobile web devices than traditional desktops

The shift in users accessing websites using their handheld mobile devices has been dramatic in the last few years and it is strongly estimated that mobile web usage will overtake traditional desktop use by 2014. This means more and more people are going to be searching for your business using their mobile phone or tablet. Is your site ready for this or are you just serving up your normal webpage which has not been optimised for the mobile web?

2) Your competitors might not have done it yet

Awareness of the mobile web is not yet in the mainstream so your competitors may not have had the chance to optimise their website for the mobile web. Now is the time to get your site mobile ready so that when people search for you on their mobile devices, the information they are looking for is immediately available. It is a great way of being ahead of the game and displaying how your business is technologically advanced.

3) It is a cost effective way of more people accessing your website

A mobile version of your site will cost a lot less than a full version of your site as it is a view optimised for mobile web browsers. (Shameless plug time!) Holistic Designs can offer you a great deal on a mobile web optimised web design that will work great on Smartphones as well as Tablets. Get in touch to find out more (end of shameless plug!)

4) Speed matters!

One of the biggest advantages of a mobile web design is that the page served to the user is a lot faster than a normal web page. Whilst most desktop web users have broadband internet, mobile web users only currently have 3G which can be considerably slower at displaying webpages. A mobile web optimised version of your site is aimed at devices with smaller screens and so will have all of the unnecessary code stripped out so that the user gets the information they are looking for considerably quicker. Why ask your potential clients to wait when they get the information they need served straight away with an optimised mobile web theme?

5) Users can bookmark your mobile website onto their mobile device home page

A nice part of having a mobile ready website is that you can program it to have icons so that if the user saves the site to their home pages on their smartphones / tablets, your icon is used, very much like an app icon. This easy step helps to keep brand awareness high for your business whilst giving your users a quick bookmark to access your website. The benefits of this is that when the user wants access to your site they don’t need to go through their web browser, just one click is needed on their homepage icon and away they go, simple & easy.

6) Small screen sizes mean a different set of web design challenges

Designing for mobile devices means that you have to take into account that the screen size is considerably smaller than a traditional monitor and also most smartphones and tablets are now touch screen. So what does this mean to you? Small screens means you can get a lot less on the screen without making the user zoom in. Touch screens means that you have to give consideration to how people will use your site using a touchpad. Make it easier for your mobile web user by having more focused information and an easier navigation system with a mobile web theme.

7) Big brands are providing mobile web versions of their websites

The big brands such as Facebook, Google & the BBC, to mention a few of nearly all major brands, all have mobile versions of their web pages which they display to users who connect on their mobile smartphones and tablets. They understand the importance of having their information displayed quickly and easily to maximum amount of people is the most important part of their business. If they are all embracing the mobile revolution then you should apply this to your business as well.

So there you go, 7 reasons for having a mobile ready version of your website. We would love to know what you think so leave a comment below and Like, Tweet or +1 this article if you like it.

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