Didn’t get that promotion? Good


Following on from yesterday’s post “if you want to be tougher, be tougher”, this is another post about the philosophy of Jocko Willink, the former US Navy Seal. I am fascinated by anyone who reaches the top in their game and this includes sportsmen and women, business people and military people like Navy Seals and members of the SAS. These people are the best of the best at what they do and this comes from having an outstanding psychology.

Have you ever had some news that you didn’t like? Of course, you have, everyone has. We have all been turned down for a promotion or turned down by a member of the opposite sex. Rejection and failure are part of life. How you handle this rejection or failure can really define how successful you are in life and this is something that Jocko fully embraces.

So what does Jocko do in this situation?

Jocko has a habit of saying ‘Good” if someone gives him certain types of bad news or an issue that is going on and this is something that is both simple and highly powerful. For him, something bad going on means that something good is going to happen because of it.

Here is Jocko explaining it himself, courtesy of the Jocko Podcast on Youtube:

If you are someone who moans about the situation they are in or spends time feeling sorry for themselves then you are literally wasting your time when you could be getting on with making yourself better so this doesn’t happen again. Failure can be your greatest teacher as long as you see it for what it is. Instead of thinking doom and gloom, think what can I do to be better right now.

Didn’t get the promotion, good, I am going to go away and study and improve what I do so next time I am more prepared and they have no choice but to give me the job.

Didn’t get the girl/boy, good, I am going to go to the gym and make myself more attractive and I am going to brainstorm the sort of person I need to be to get this person to like me more.

Can you see the massive difference here? Before you might have indulged in self-pity which is a complete waste of your time and now this is a positive reframing of the situation so you can move forward and take massive action to be better. Jocko’s philosophy eliminates the wasted time in negative states and maximises the time in a positive state, looking forward, being on the attack and making things happen. I know which state I would rather be in.

Try this simple exercise today of saying ‘Good’ when you get any form of rejection and see how it makes you feel. Then keep doing it every time, it will transform your life.

Ps If you need any more reasons to like Jocko Willink, he gets up really early every morning and takes cold showers, you have got to love that!