Favourite iPhone app of the moment: RunKeeper

I wouldn’t normally write a blog post about just one iPhone app, however I am going to make an exception for an app that is one of the best I have seen, RunKeeper.

If you are a runner, walker, cyclist and have an iPhone, then I cannot speak highly enough about this wonderful app. You simply start it off at the beginning of your activity and it will then track you via GPS as you progress along. You can set it up so that it will give you a voice overlaid progress reports at regular intervals which includes time, distance and average pace so that you can keep track of how you are running. The best bit comes at the end though when you have completed your activity as you can save your activity to your online RunKeeper page which houses all of your activities. This profile page shows a complete breakdown of all of your activities including Google maps of where you have been, the elevation of your activity and your average pace as well as another bunch of useful metrics. It really is a fantastic way to view how you are progressing as a runner. You can even share your activities on Facebook and Twitter with the click of a button, very nice!

What I also like is the fact that they are constantly looking to improve the app though adding new features. They have recently started to send emails when you have broken through your personal records, which is a fantastic way of giving some positive feedback. I recently got an email saying that I had broken my record for the most distance that I have run in a week. Me being the type of person that I am, it meant that I then had something to aim for the next week which is fantastic. They have also introduced Fitness Reports which although is a premium service which you have to pay extra for, would be ideal for the more serious runners. I also think they have now released a version on Android which will make the app even more accessible!

If you want to improve your running/walking/cycling then what are you waiting for, go and get the RunKeeper app right now…

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