From nowhere to top of Google in 2 weeks…

I thought I would share a nice success story with you. We recently completed a new web design for H100 Event Photography, an excellent photographer in the Northamptonshire area. H100’s business was suffering from having a website that didn’t do what he needed it to. I.e. attract leads and demonstrate how good his photography is. He needed to be high up on Google, Yahoo and Bing so that potential customers could find him and see what he has to offer. However with his old site, he was nowhere to be seen for any of his keywords, not a good situation!!

So what did we do to move H100 from nowhere to the top of Google in just 2 weeks? Firstly we redesigned the site, giving a complete visual revamp and a more contemporary design. It was behind the scenes however that we really made the changes that made the difference. We created a custom WordPress Theme for the new site, coded it well and worked very hard on the on-page optimisation. This included doing the basics very well. Good page titles, header tags and useful URL’s were used. All images were compressed so that they loaded quickly and careful considerations of targeted keywords were employed across the site. We then focused on getting some good inbound links that is a process that we will continue with.

H100 are obviously very happy with what we have done them which is the reason why they got us to do a web design for them, smiles all round

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