What we think of WordPress 3.6

WordPress 3.6 was finally released on the 1st August of 2013, the latest version comes with a number of important changes and improvements that will go on to benefit both users and WordPress developers alike.

Throughout this article we will list a number of reasons why WordPress 3.6 nicknamed Oscar (honouring jazz pianist Oscar Peterson) is their best version to date, so without further ado let’s start.

WordPress 3.6 is quite different from the previous themes that have been released by the company. Over the past 3 years a new theme has been released each year, however the design and direction of WordPress’s latest theme is a complete upgrade to its predecessors.

The new theme has officially be named Twenty Thirteen which is consistent with the previous themes names i.e. Twenty Ten in 2010, Twenty Eleven in 2011 and Twenty Twelve 2012. This theme puts a heavy emphasis on blog content, as it has been specifically designed for media rich blogging and media content, while focusing on post formats, and showcasing its flat design which is a new trend that has been dominating the web design industry in recent months.

WordPress 3.6 “post format” feature allows the user to choose a unique layout and template design catering specifically to the user’s style of blogging for example images, videos, quotes, and regular articles etc. Twenty Thirteen provides a bold and unique visual style for each post that appears on your site depending on your post format settings. While the new interface also allows changes to be made quickly and easily as users are able to scroll through the theme and make amendments line by line.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with WordPress 3.6, in order to see what it can actually do for your website, or your blog. It’s built in HTML5 media player, means that you can also upload both audio and visual content without the use of external plugins, helping you to interact more with your visitors. In addition to these integrations with Spotify, Rdio, and SoundCloud have also been improved.

The menu editor for WordPress 3.6 has received a much appreciated overhaul, as it has been significantly improved in comparison to the older versions. Its new design replaces separate panels of optional menu items for an expandable accordion menu, and you will find that the new design will make the menu page much easier to navigate, whilst having to scroll less.

Also, each author is now given their own auto save stream, helping them to individually track and monitor changes.

Another important feature of WordPress 3.6 is that there is finally a clear distinction between the menu and theme positions, as the menu location has been moved to new tab. You can also place your menus within a WordPress widget as they no longer need to be positioned within the theme itself.

So why not try out the latest WordPress theme today! Let us know what you think! We welcome the change, and think that WordPress has another winner on its hands!

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