Want to do more? Try changing your physiology…

The power of physiology on performance is well documented, with a resounding agreement that great physiology leads on to better decision making and a more positive state of mind. However how many of us engage in making sure that we adopt a great physiology on a consistent basis? And more importantly, what physiology can you adopt right now that will help you and your business?

Firstly let’s look at two differing physiologies to compare the state of mind associated with each one. For example, if I told you that there was a depressed person around the corner it would be very easy to describe their body position. They would have slumped shoulders, their head would be down and overall they would not be in a good position to feel positive. Compare this now to someone like Alan Sugar who holds a strong empowered physiology, shoulders back, head up. This is the physiology of a confident person who will take charge of situations and get things done right now.

So what physiology do you take up on a consistent basis? Are you slouched over your computer leaning on your elbow or are you sitting up straight with your head up ready to tackle the challenge that is in front of you? Of course this might not be something that you are consciously aware of at the moment so just take a moment now to see how you are sitting. Notice the position of your shoulders and head, feel if there is any unnecessary pressure or tension anywhere in your body and generally get an understanding of how you are positioning your body.

What I want you to do now is take up a more positive physiology by doing all or some of the following and then seeing how you feel about tackling the important tasks ahead of you. Really feel the difference between how you were feeling and how you feel after adopting a new empowered body position.

  • Shoulders back
  • Back straight
  • Head up
  • Arms relaxed
  • Legs relaxed
  • Take 3 slow deep breaths

So how did you feel? Did you notice any difference in how you were able to focus fully on the task and get more done when you were in a powerful physiology? This is such a simple thing that you can do on a daily basis to maximise how you feel and to get you in an empowered state. See how you get on with this new physiology and leave a comment to let me know.

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