Weekly round-up of WordPress news – Vol 13

WordPress News

Some more Gutenberg posts for you to get your teeth stuck into this week. It’s fair to say that there is a lot of information coming out about this subject so we will do our best to keep you informed of the best information.

What’s Next for WordPress: Why the Future is Great with Gutenberg – Torque
An excellent round-up of the possible impact of Gutenberg and why developers and other content creators have amazing opportunities coming up.

Is Gutenberg the End or a New Beginning for WordPress? – Delicious Brains
There is a lot of realistic thinking going around about Gutenberg and here Delicious Brains seek to look into what will really happen when Gutenberg is added to WordPress core in upcoming releases. Will it break stuff? probably. Is it good we know that now and can work on effective solutions? definitely.

Predicted Social Media Trends for 2018 – MemberPress
Want to know what is expected to be big in social media in 2018 then this post is a great place to start. These might not all come true, they might just help you to shape your upcoming social media strategy.

3 SEO quick wins to implement right now – Yoast
Good SEO isn’t exclusive to WordPress so here are 3 quick wins from Yoast that you can implement on your site now. Yes, you might need a developer for some of these, some of these can be implemented yourselves using a variety of good plugins.

WP Engine: 2017 In Review – WP Engine
WP Engine continues to push forward and here is a review of what they have achieved in 2017. As recommended WordPress hosts for ourselves, we love the fact that they are always striving to improve what they do and create new features that make it easier to manage websites. Keep up the good work WP Engine.

If you want to be tougher, be tougher – WP Agency
Finally, a revisit of one of our older posts which seems perfect for January. Check out Jocko Willink on YouTube if you are struggling with concentration or need a kick up the backside.