Weekly round-up of WordPress news – Vol 19

Weekly WordPress news

Some super exciting news coming out of Google and some answers to questions you might get asked about WordPress make up the round-up this week of WordPress news.

How to Convince Your Clients to Stay on WordPress – Torque
Do you get clients that want to move away from WordPress because they have heard it’s not secure or it’s slow or every site looks the same? You need to reassure them and convince them that WordPress is the best platform for them to use. This article covers some basics of what you can say to clients to convince them and things like scalability and proactivity are great selling points in our opinion.

Is WordPress Secure? Yes, No, Maybe! – Cloudways
Ah, the age-old question, is WordPress safe? Like any software, it does have its weak points and these can be mitigated by a good developer and by making good decisions with user passwords and the like. This article does a good job of explaining what is and isn’t good about WordPress security and what you can do right now to make your site more secure.

The 10 Essential SEO Ranking Factors to Dominate Search in 2018 – Optin Monster
SEO is a constantly changing discipline and here is a great guide for what you can do in 2018 to make sure your WordPress sites rank as high as possible. Getting it to load fast is definitely going to be more important going forward.

The need for speed: Google dedicates engineering team to accelerate development of WordPress ecosystem – Search Engine Land
This is mega news and not surprising considering that WordPress powers over 29% of the web and Google want those sites running WordPress to be as fast loading as possible. This will be one to keep an eye on in the coming months and we will make sure that we report back if we hear anything more about how this affects future site rankings for your site. In the meantime, use tools such as GT Metrix and follow the recommendations to make your site load as quickly as possible as this is only going to get more important.

Commuting Time Saved – MA.TT
The best posts don’t have to be the longest. Matt Mullenweg shares the amount of km’s of travel his employees have saved every day by no longer commuting to work. The figure is mind-boggling and is an example to all of us how we can lessen our impact on the environment by making better choices.

When would now be a good time? – WP Agency
If you want to start something and have been putting it off, now is always the best time to start. You don’t want ‘One Day’, you want ‘Day One’…